Vitacress supports this year’s Earth Day theme to ‘Restore our Earth’

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated globally to support environmental protection. Originating in 1970, it is now recognised by more than 193 countries and each year it focuses on a specific theme.  For 2021, the theme is ‘Restore our Earth’.

This fits perfectly with Vitacress’ ambitions to enhance the sustainability of our farms to ensure we use our resources efficiently, whilst protecting the environment. A critical part of this is our approach to sustainable soil health.

The world’s increasing population puts pressure on agricultural production which can lead to a reduction in soil quality and adverse effects to the environment. Aside from a need to grow enough crops to feed the rising population, we need to optimise soil health to support the removal of carbon from the atmosphere and support other important ecosystems. Vitacress is using state of the art techniques to understand the functionality of its soils so we can improve the health of these ecosystems.

Research in this area supports the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations to achieve a better and sustainable future for us all.

See how you can get involved: Event Map — Digital Earth Day (

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