Steve’s Leaves launches 100% recyclable packaging

Vitacress Salads' prepared salad brand, Steve’s Leaves, has redesigned its salad bag to make it fully recyclable, whilst also reducing packaging by 17%. In the brand’s 10th anniversary year, this move will result in a significant reduction of plastic packaging by removing 1.5T per year. The fresh new pack design also emphasises the unique spring water wash and biodiversity farming programme.

Eleanor Bridgman, Head of Innovation & Marketing at Steve’s Leaves, says “We wanted to update our packaging to help consumers make quicker choices at shelf and to reassure them that we’re doing the right thing for the environment. Our brand purpose resonates with consumers more than ever, as they look for ethically grown, high quality and  great tasting products.”

Steve’s Leaves are grown on farms working hard to enhance nature. They are washed in Hampshire spring water, using net zero water in the salad washing process, and packed in pillow packs filled with fresh air, which ensures the leaves remain fresh throughout the entire supply chain journey. The reduced portion sized bags help to minimise waste.

The range includes: bursting with goodness Baby Spinach & Super Leaves, mild and colourful Sweet Beets & Little Leaves, peppery Baby Watercress & Little Leaves and sweet Pea Shoots & Baby Leaves.

The Steve’s Leaves range is available from Waitrose, Ocado, Booths and selected Co-op stores at RRP £1.45*.

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