At Vitacress, we’re passionate about growing fields of delicious leaves and getting them to the customer as fresh, tasty, healthy and nutritious as possible, and that means the contribution of  everyone from our farmers and agronomists, to the distribution network, and every step in between. We have never stopped improving at every step of the way, in our sixty-five years of growing and packing. We are proud to supply customers throughout the UK with their own brand products and quality ingredients. Our brand Steve's Leaves leads the way in bringing new and interesting salad leaves to the market.




At Vitacress Salads, we never stop moving forward, in the products we make and the ways we work.  Our achievements include the introduction of bagged watercress, baby leaf salads, spinach and rocket, and we're at the forefront of building the salad bowl market.

Our pioneering, customer-focussed innovation team are committed to finding the most exciting and delicious ways to bring you the leafy goodness.



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The very best produce is the result of many factors, including climate, and geography. Our expert agronomists, farmers and procurement team know when the time is right for growing certain leaves in certain places, and it is this expertise which ensures the best salads reach the customer, 365 days per year