Upcoming VCT Annual Chalk Stream Headwaters Forum, Friday 25th November

The 10th annual Chalk Stream headwaters forum is to take place on Friday 25th November 2016. Organised by The Vitacress Conservation Trust, the Chalk Stream Headwaters Forum provides a focal point for discussion and new ideas for the management of the wellsprings of some of Europe’s most ecologically important rivers.  The first Forum was hosted by the VCT in June 2007 and brought together key stakeholders with an interest in pursuing opportunities for improved management of the upper tributaries of the Test & Itchen.

This year, the key note speaker is Andrew Sells, Natural England chairman and DEFRA board member. The event is chaired by Lord Selborne, founding patron of the Vitacress Conservation Trust.

For more information, please email carrie.hutchings@vitacress.com or phone 01256 732009.

The Vitacress Conservation Trust is a charity focusing on environmental initiatives associated with salad and watercress crop production.


University of Southampton