Our Farms

Our farms are the core of our company, where seed, environment and expertise come together to deliver the very best in produce, in the most sustainable way.

Our understanding of growing  delivers not only the most appetising produce and ensures that when we procure, we're able to choose the very best partners, aligned with our values, throughout the growing year.

Climate and sunlight strongly influence the growth of fresh produce. The UK salad and herb season operates from April to October and during this time, we source the majority of  product from our watercress farms in Hampshire and Dorset and our herb and baby leaf farms in Kent and Wiltshire. In the winter months, we source from our farms in Spain and Portugal, and from carefully chosen partners. We grow our living herbs in UK glasshouses all year round.

The watercress farms in Hampshire and Dorset are havens for biodiversity. We manage river banks and water flow to ensure beneficial conditions for plant and animal species, and monitor stream beds and water quality. Our leaf farms and herb nurseries offer carefully-maintained habitats for a variety of indigenous flora and fauna, all part of our commitment and belief that nature and farming work hand in hand.