We are one of Europe's leading suppliers
of fresh produce, specialising in watercress, salads and fresh herbs

This is the site for Vitacress UK. Please follow the link below to our group sites for Vitacress in other countries

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Close to the soil

The Vitacress team has one goal; to provide the freshest, tastiest, healthiest and most exciting produce throughout the year

Inspired by our heritage and pioneering spirit, we constantly strive to bring new ideas to the market and the business

We win customers’ trust by delivering the best in quality, service and ethical standards

Our people care for and endeavour to protect and enhance nature, our growing business and the communities in which we work

One team one goal

Everyone understands their role and listens, supports and challenges constructively


Constantly innovating in all our activities
and celebrating getting there first

Be trusted

We are accountable for our actions
and deliver on our promises

We care

We make decisions for sustainable growth
and are determined to leave things better
than we found them